Mission:   So we just want to make the biggest and most badass site of all things custom motorcycle related.  Ever see a bike on the internet that seems like it’s exactly what you looking for but can’t get any info about who made it, what parts are on it, or even get a pic from another angle?  Frustrating huh?  That’s what we want to fix, we provide a way you can see the world’s top custom bikes and get the skinny on who made em, where, and using what.

Photos:  We do not alter photos, or take credit or assume ownership.  We post what we are given at face value including any watermarks and credit them as we find them.  If you see pictures on our site that you took or that you own the rights to, let’s get you credit!  We want to make sure our photos are credited properly and will be more than happy to substitute it out with one you have watermarked and or make sure your name and link appear in the "about" section.  In the near future verified photographers will also be able to tag photos that appear anywhere on our site as well.

Bikes:  If you are the owner, builder or have made a significant contribution to a true custom bike then let‘s get your bike up here.  Send us the info and pics and we’ll get your bike in the mix.  The “Garage” accounts we will be creating shortly will enable anyone to upload a custom bike and we'll give you full control of where and when it appears on the site

Shops:  If you are the owner, builder or have made a significant contribution to at least 3 of the bikes listed on our site we want to get you a shop page and give you the keys.   If we don’t have a shop page for you already let us know which bikes to associate with you and we will set you up a page with contact information, logo, a link to your website and any additional information you want to add.  Coming soon you will be able add and delete bikes from that shop page as well as update any of the info on the page at anytime.