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Exposure, it's a good thing!  Our aim is to get you more exposure to fans of custom bikes.  Yea yea, I know the internet is full of chopper and custom bike resource sites and most of them are rarely if ever visited because they don't offer much to anyone (fans, builders or search engines).  Very few pictures, scant information, zero involvement from builders and there's no way for the fans to interact, engage or even find bikes they already like.  We're trying hard to offer a real value to both fans and builders of custom bikes and so far we've got over 700 bike pages & 200 shop pages up but that's just the start.  Give me a minute to show you 2 of the many things we're doing different and why I think you're going to want to enter your bikes on our site.

#1 Your Bike Pages:

Each bike gets its own dedicated page on our site with name, logo and link of the builder. By having only relevant pictures and search terms they become much easier for Google and Bing to index and thus much more likely to show up in searches for a specific bike or combination of features.  Many biker builders have websites that for various reasons the search engines either fail to see or rate very low.  Guys searching the net for those bikes get directed to a blog or forum not to the bike they are looking for.  Are you getting the hits from all the guys that are searching for your bikes?  We can help you catch more of them.

     Upload new bike pages anytime you like without needing to call your webmaster or wait until all the pieces are together.  You can upload or edit bike pages anytime adding new pics, putting it up for sale or entering it into our contests anytime you want.

 Preview it full size here:

#2 Your Shop Page

    Every bike you upload is listed in one place here.  Your shop logo is again featured along with your address, phone number, social networking links, contact info and website making you easy to find and contact.     When you denote bikes as "For Sale" or enter it into one of our contests that will be clearly marked and easy for you to turn on and off for any bike any time.  You have the keys here and can add as much or as little as you like.  If they like the pics of your bike they will follow it back to see the other other bikes from your shop.
Preview it full size here:

Custom bikes are high dollar items so it is always good to cast a wider net when looking for potential customers, our net goes not only across the USA but around the world and are getting a larger and larger share of hits from defunct makers like: Amen, American Ironhorse, Big Dog, Big Bear, Leroy Thompson, WCC and other makers that are no longer maintaining their websites.

To help get you started the email address getting this message has been already entered into our system.  All you need to do is go to the upload or "garage" site, enter the email you get this message on and click the "reset password" button to get your temporary password issued.  From there you're free to start creating your account and adding your bikes.

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